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Peace & Clarity Online Workshop

Online Peace & Clarity Meditation workshop L1 Online – Duration 3 days (can be covered in 2 days also)

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About the Workshop

Do you ever feel that many fundamental questions regarding your life are not yet answered? Do you feel that you need more clarity on what you really want in life and in which direction life is going? Do you ever wonder whether you are on the right track in your spiritual journey or how to cultivate the right mental attitude to support your spiritual growth?

In this online workshop you will get the opportunity to dive deeper into the layers of your own mind to get more clarity and also you will learn how to keep your mind peaceful even in chaotic times.

The workshop provides a complete guided experience, combining detailed discourses with guided meditations, stretching, pranayama and kriya yoga practices to help you create a positive and happy mind.

This workshop is equivalent to the Level 1 Meditation Camp conducted by Aham Shoonyam Foundation.

Why is it important to keep the mind calm and peaceful?

A peaceful mind which can remain calm even in unpleasant situations is the very first requirement to live a happy life and also for further spiritual growth.

A chaotic mind attracts further chaos & restlessness. A peaceful, content and pleasant mind brings pleasant situations. So, the choice is yours!

How to keep the mind pleasant and peaceful? This workshop will help you with that.

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Workshop details

Learn asana, pranayama and kriya yoga techniques that will help to break old mental patterns and support your spiritual growth

Understand how your thoughts, beliefs and the focus of your attention all influence your experiences in life

Learn how to change your mental patterns to attract positivity in your life

Learn how to create a deep rooted attitude of positivity and gratitude as the foundation for creating the life you want

Learn how to create the right attitude as the basis for your spiritual upliftment

Course Details

Suggested 3-day online workshop schedule which can be completed in 1 day also, with access for three months

Lifetime follow-up support available through email

In-depth curriculum including gentle asanas, Kriya yoga techniques, guided meditations and discourses

Covers all 4 forms of Yoga : Gyan Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Kriya Yoga & Karma Yoga

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The workshop is designed by Yogis of the Himalayas

The workshop is designed by Aham Shoonyam Trust, which is a group of anonymous meditation teachers from the Himalayas. They are known for sharing the deep mystical Himalayan spiritual teachings in a very easy to understand way.

Improved Physical Health

Kriya yoga and asanas can help improve the health of the spine and in turn the whole body. Chakra balancing can help to improve physical health by reducing stress and promoting better sleep.

Greater Self-Confidence

Balancing the manipurika (solar plexus) chakra, which is associated with personal power and self-confidence, can help us to feel more confident and assertive in our daily lives.

Increased Emotional Stability

Balancing the chakras can help to release negative emotions and promote a sense of emotional stability and well-being.

Improved Communication

Balancing the vishudhi (throat) chakra can help to improve communication skills, allowing us to express ourselves more effectively and authentically.

Enhanced Creativity

By balancing the anahata (heart) chakra, which is associated with creativity and emotional expression, we may experience a boost in our creative energy and ability.

Spiritual Growth

Balancing the sahasrara (crown) chakra, which is associated with spiritual connection and enlightenment, can help us to experience a deeper sense of spirituality and purpose in our lives.

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Who this course is for

Anyone who understands the importance of keeping the mind calm

Anyone who wants to bring more positivity and happiness into their life

Anyone who wants to unlearn and clear the misconceptions of spirituality to gain more clarity

Anyone who wants to realise the true self

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