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Attention Training & Realignment Program

This program is for rational thinkers who want an experiential based approach, which does not require any belief or to take anything for granted. It is based on straightforward explanation of concepts followed by direct personal enquiry and experience.

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About the Workshop

Do you sometimes wonder what real happiness is? Do you want to understand what exactly your mind is searching for? Do you sometimes feel that it is difficult to come out of thought patterns that do not let you feel happy, such as worry, frustration or stress?

The Attention Training & Realignment program will teach you how to focus the mind on positive and important things and on being in the present, rather than on useless thinking or unpleasant thoughts, and you will learn how to live a happy life regardless of the situation. Eventually, if you follow this program properly, it may lead to realisation of the true self or your true potential through a powerful technique called self enquiry.

The workshop provides a complete guided experience, with 15 modules to provide an overview and explanation for each of the seven steps, as well as a guided practice for each step.

A powerful 7 step method

The Attention Training & Realignment Program is a powerful 7 step method to train your mind’s attention to stay calm and focused on the positive aspects of life.
The 7 steps of Attention Training & Realignment Program are:

❃ PCA : Presence Centred Anchoring

❃ EPIC : Enquiry based Program for Intellectual Clarity

❃ SMTDS : Subconscious Mind Training During Sleep

❃ SMTWA: Subconscious Mind Training While Awake

❃ BCAT : Being Centred Attention Training

❃ MPS : Mental Pattern Shifting

❃ AAIS : Attention Absorption in Inner Silence

Workshop details

Online workshop with 15 modules with access for three months

Lifetime follow-up support available through email

In-depth curriculum explaining the seven steps of the Attention Training &Realignment Program in detail and guiding participants in the practice of each step

What you will learn from this workshop

Understand the importance of spending time in the presence of people who embody the qualities you wish to develop or who share your values and goals

Build understanding of how the mind works and how to transform the mind

Learn about the importance of the subconscious mind for shaping your personalityand experience of life, and how to train the subconscious mind

Learn techniques to bring the attention back to the present moment

Learn how to shift the attention away from mental patterns

Open yourself up to the possibility of deep transformation by integrating the practicesinto your daily life

The workshop is designed by Yogis of the Himalayas

The workshop is designed by Aham Shoonyam Trust, which is a group of anonymous meditation teachers from the Himalayas. They are known for sharing the deep mystical Himalayan spiritual teachings in a very easy to understand way.

Improved Physical Health

Kriya yoga and asanas can help improve the health of the spine and in turn the whole body. Chakra balancing can help to improve physical health by reducing stress and promoting better sleep.

Greater Self-Confidence

Balancing the manipurika (solar plexus) chakra, which is associated with personal power and self-confidence, can help us to feel more confident and assertive in our daily lives.

Increased Emotional Stability

Balancing the chakras can help to release negative emotions and promote a sense of emotional stability and well-being.

Improved Communication

Balancing the vishudhi (throat) chakra can help to improve communication skills, allowing us to express ourselves more effectively and authentically.

Enhanced Creativity

By balancing the anahata (heart) chakra, which is associated with creativity and emotional expression, we may experience a boost in our creative energy and ability.

Spiritual Growth

Balancing the sahasrara (crown) chakra, which is associated with spiritual connection and enlightenment, can help us to experience a deeper sense of spirituality and purpose in our lives.

Who this course is for

Rational thinkers who want an experiential based approach to learn how to handle the mind effectively

Anyone who is looking for greater calm, peace and clarity

Anyone who wants to bring more positivity and happiness into their life

Anyone who wants to realize their true potential

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