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Attention Training & Realignment Program (ATR)

  • 15Steps

The Attention Training & Realignment program is a seven step method to train the attention to shift away from thought patterns to the stillness of being conscious or to positive thought patterns. Through these techniques, gradually a person can gain more control and freedom to use the mind in productive activities rather than wasting time in overthinking and negative thought patterns. It also opens up the possibility of discovering the true nature of the self, which is also described as self-realization Price - 7000 Rs / Offer Price 999 Rs About the Workshop Do you sometimes wonder what real happiness is? Do you want to understand what exactly your mind is searching for? Do you sometimes feel that it is difficult to come out of thought patterns that do not let you feel happy, such as worry, frustration or stress? The Attention Training & Realignment program will teach you how to focus the mind on positive and important things and on being in the present, rather than on useless thinking or unpleasant thoughts, and you will learn how to live a happy life regardless of the situation. Eventually, if you follow this program properly, it may lead to realisation of the true self or your true potential through a powerful technique called self enquiry. The workshop provides a complete guided experience, with 15 modules to provide an overview and explanation for each of the seven steps, as well as a guided practice for each step. A powerful 7 step method The Attention Training & Realignment Program is a powerful 7 step method to train your mind’s attention to stay calm and focused on the positive aspects of life. The 7 steps of Attention Training & Realignment Program are: ❃ PCA : Presence Centred Anchoring ❃ EPIC : Enquiry based Program for Intellectual Clarity ❃ SMTDS : Subconscious Mind Training During Sleep ❃ SMTWA: Subconscious Mind Training While Awake ❃ BCAT : Being Centred Attention Training ❃ MPS : Mental Pattern Shifting ❃ AAIS : Attention Absorption



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  • I’m feeling anxious or stressed and want to know how to calm my mind
    Try our beginner meditations such as effortlessness and deep sleep meditations
  • I’m curious to try meditation and I want to know more about it
    Try the suggested meditation programme, starting with the beginner level guided meditations. If you want to understand more of the concepts then download the How to realise my true self audio guide.
  • I’m ready for a deeper-reaching experience and I can travel for an in-person retreat
    I’m fairly new to meditation and want to learn more and taste inner bliss I consider myself a rational thinker and am interested in enquiring into the nature of the mind and how to live a happy life I’m looking for a peaceful environment to dive into silence and let the mind grow still Try our Silent Himalayan Meditation Retreat I have experience of meditation and I’m ready to unlearn and discover the truth Try our Intense Himalayan Meditation Retreat
  • I want a more in-depth experience but I can’t travel for an in person retreat
    Try our online workshops, which recreate the retreat programme from the comfort of your own home
  • How should I start meditating?
    For an introduction to meditation, watch the below “What is meditation and how to make it easy?” We recommend starting with any of Maha Rudra Kriya, Effortlessness and Deep Sleep & Cleansing of Mind. These three meditations are all available for free. Check out the suggested programme of meditations for more recommendations.
  • I’ve been practicing the online meditations for some time and want to learn more. What can I do next?
    If you have followed the full suggested programme of meditations then you can listen to the advanced audio guides, attend an in person camp or retreat, or complete any of the online workshops provided by our partner organisation Mighty Himalayas. You can also find all our latest content including teachings, answers to questions and interviews in the Videos & Articles page.
  • Can women practise the online meditations during menstruation?
    Yes, all online meditations can be practised during menstruation.
  • Is there any diksha/initiation required to practise these meditations?
    No special diksha or initiation is required. Instructions are already given in the audios.
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